Rick Jessup of Loyal OrderRick Jessup’s journey through digital and social media began in 1994 with the launch of his first website design company. Shifting to online gaming in the early 2000s  saw him grow a before-its-time expertise in search optimization, social media for acquisition, and email marketing. Upon leaving the gaming industry he turned to more traditional advertising where he spent the final 10 years of his career moving from an account manager to the lead of two different digital agencies.

Over the past 20+ years he has consistently been on the forefront of not only the strategy and execution of social media, but how to use social to drive actual business results. This has included launching Canada’s first blog in 1994, the use of MySpace for customer acquisition in 2003, LinkedIn for client acquisition in 2003, and the manager of the largest Facebook page in Canada twice.

When he’s not working Rick is likely to be found running trails or obstacle course races, visiting an MLB baseball stadium, or chasing his dreams as the owner and operator of Peacemaker Brewing Company.


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Rick is a polished and motivating speaker on all things strategy. He holds a specific expertise in the transition from digital, mobile, and social strategy to user path and experience strategy. He also has a heart for helping small businesses learn the digital ropes. Rick is equally comfortable as a conference main stage speaker (“Atlantic Entrepreneurship Expo”) as he is a more intimate audience (“Innovative Evenings”). If you feel he can help please contact him.