Most of my career in agencies was built around working to integrate digital into a mostly traditional agency. Often this coincided with creating and managing highly-functioning teams. Digital, and it’s counterparts in social media and mobile, seem foreign and challenging to those that aren’t familiar with it. The larger issue is too many agencies either bolt digital on to a program with no strategy, or hire a team to operate independently from the core agency as their “digital group”: neither is optimal to long-term success. Investing in digital consulting for your agency now can present time and cost savings, and better prepare your agency to secure digital business going forward.


Digitally-Savvy Agencies, not Digital Agencies

Not to give away the secret sauce, but the solution will never be building yourself a digital agency. The end result is often much the same as bolting on digital thinking (“we’ll just upload the TV commercial to YouTube!”). Hiring, or partnering, presents difficulties in managing relationships and results with the client. In the end, your company is likely well placed to succeed digitally as it is – with a few tweaks. That’s where a true agency consultant (like yours truly) comes in. Interviews with executives lead to discussions with key employees, and often clients. The information gleaned from here is paired up with the same rigorous research a client would get. The end result should always be a way to integrate digital into your current plans and processes. This way, when it comes time to execute, it already feels second nature to you, your staff, and the clients who already work well with you.


My Areas of Expertise

  • Digital strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Mobile strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Conversion rate optimization


Getting started with digital consulting

We both know you’re proud of your agency office, and I’d love nothing more than a chance to come check it out in person. Let’s discuss areas you feel are preventing digital success, and opportunities that may exist to grow that space. If having me in for consulting presents risks with current staff this first meeting is just as easy over lunch or a coffee. It starts by contacting me now, I’m happy to provide a list of references or just meet. The first chat comes free so let’s get started!


Agency Digital Consulting Client Experience

Some of the agencies Rick has helped with their digital marketing include:

  • 58Ninety (now Sandbox)
  • Capital C
  • Giants & Gentlemen
  • KBS